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Our Team

Our team is made of Mohammad Sanioura and Nada Turk.

Mohammad Sanioura

Mohammad Sanioura

Business/Marketing/Project Manager

Certified IT/Media project manager with a backlog of 30-year old history serving our customer base. He recently came back to his roots and is rediscovering himself in the wonderful world of Qur’an and creative arts.

Nada Turk

Nada Turk

Software Developer

Nada worked in several industries developing apps such for accounting, warehouse, dentist, and pharmacy software. In addition to PHP, she embraced the wonderful world of Javascript and Vue.js framework for front-end development.

Building the future

Trainstorm Online develops games, apps, and the creative work of Web Design, music and film. Our headquarters is located in Kerrisdale in the heart of Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Give us a call at +1(604)442-2980 for more details.

Our Work